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Instructions for PA West Soccer Background Check System and uploading require clearance documents.

1 Click the link to PA West Soccer Risk Management System found on the Risk Management Page via either the Coach or Referee dropdown.

2 Login to the Affinity web site

3 You’ll land on My Account pageclick create registration’.

4 You will now be in the Risk Management portalon this page you can only select ‘Spring 2019'

and click continue’.

5 On Account Primary Contact page click continue’.

6 On the Register for Spring 2019" page click register as coach/admin

a.    in pop-up select background check and system will advance automatically

b pop-up reveals your admin record and right below you birth date click on the click to

upload photo and documents link.

c.    Click on each icon, then the browse your computer button to find doc and upload…once all three are uploadedscroll to bottom of the pop-up box and click save’.

7 You’ll return to the Register Spring 2019 pageclick continue’.

8 On the Accept ELApagethere is no ELA…click agree and continue’.

9 On the Make Payment pagethere is no feesimply click No Payment Due, Continue button.

This will create your order for a background check so PA West Soccer is aware your documents are ready for review and approval.

10) On the Print Form page you can print a receiptand clickLog out and Back to button.

Upon application submission with Affinity Sports, your application will be set to "Under Review".  Once PA West reviews your uploaded documents your status will be updated to "Approved

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